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5 Simple Exercises To Do At Home For Beginner’s

Awareness, with smartphone in one hand and Google master in it, you can be aware of anything and everything in jiffy. So if I say people are perspicacious about various health benefits of regular exercising, it wouldn’t be totally wrong. Then question arises why they still lack in implementation of daily exercise? Why they have […]

How Many Carbs Per Day To Lose Weight For A Woman In A Month

Do you know what’s the most searched topic on Google? it’s “how to lose weight quickly”. Weight loss has become a trend especially in women.To quickly achieve it , another thing that’s gaining popularity is “low carb diet”.Ever since low carb rose to fame because of it’s quick way of dropping the pounds, it also […]

Fitness Benefits of skipping

You must have heard this phrase “an apple a day keeps doctor away”, I think it’s time to rephrase this and say “Skipping a Day keeps doctor away”.Yes it’s so damn true, Skipping/jumping rope is one of the most simple,effective and fun exercise. Do it once and you’ll develop proclivity towards it. Many athletes and […]

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